Patent Attorneys (Domestic Department)

Tatsuya Masuda

Representative Patent Attorney / General Manager of Domestic Department
Register No.09129


Main Fields of Experience

Metals, molding techniques for use with metals, metalworking technology, sintering technology, PIM, plating technology, thin-film technology, semiconductor manufacturing processes, semiconductor mounting technology, solar batteries, materials for substrates (phenol resins, epoxy resins, etc.) automobiles, industrial machines (transport mechanisms, mixing machines, etc.), construction machines, robots, electric and electronic devices (motors etc.), computer-related devices, watches, copying machines, cameras, endoscopes, display devices (liquid crystal devices, organic EL devices, etc.), projectors, mobile phones, wearable devices, other optical devices, image processing technology, photograph processing technology, fuel batteries, materials for medical use, medical instruments, artificial internal organs, blood derivatives, foods, magnetic components, magnets and magnet related devices, molding compound technology, ceramics, paper manufacturing technology, paper recycling technology, adhesive agents and related devices, software, IT- related technology, and business model patents.

Expert opinions relating to the above technologies; litigation cases for IP fields; licensing agreements; technical transfers; trademarks, designs, copy right, and unfair competition.


Support for small companies; advices on establishment and management of IP department of company; education relating to IP for engineers; findings of inventions, and supports for activities of academia-industry cooperation.

Kengo Ootsubo

Partner Patent Attorney
Register No.14488


Main Fields of Experience

General developments related to the fields of chemistry, polymer materials, development and fixing devices, semiconductor processing technology, image display devices ( liquid crystal devices, ETC.), projector, crystal devices, touch sensors, polishing machines, ink jet technology, plasma technology, robots, wearable devices, pointing devices, optical lenses, medical instruments (endoscope, etc.), seismic machines, adhesive sheets, business models, and refrigerators.

Designs, trademarks, copy right, unfair competition, and litigation cases thereof including expert opinions.

Yasuyuki Fujitani

Partner Patent Attorney
Register No.17342


Main Fields of Experience

General developments related to the fields of chemistry and biology, inorganic materials (metal materials, ceramics, semiconductor materials, dielectric materials, opt-catalysts, carbon materials, etc.), organic materials (polymer and monomer such as resin materials including elastomer, cellulose, silicone), bio-chemicals, drugs and medicines, quasi-drug, materials for medical use, bio-materials, artificial bones, implants, medical instruments (endoscopes, stent, medicine dispensing apparatus, etc.), clinic and health related products, medicine formation technology, cell culture, functional gel materials, allergen detection technology, artificial muscles, various powder materials (toner, pigment, ceramics particles, metal particles, fine resin particles, composite fine particles, etc.), various dispersants, magnetic materials, magnets, adhesive, special papers, chemical synthesis, derivative synthesis, various chemical analysis, various manufacturing processes, metal processing technology, pulverization technology, granulation technology, sintering technology, surface finishing technology (various plating technology, thin-film technology, plasma treatment, etc.), semiconductor mounting technology, various printing technologies (ink-jet related technology, screen printing, pad printing, etc.), recycle technology for papers, thin film formation apparatus, plasma apparatus, various printers (ink-jet printer, laser printer (development and fixation), 3-D printer), display devices (crystal display device, color filter, etc.), various sensors, printed circuit boards, batteries (lithium-ion battery, solar battery, etc.), watches, ornamentals, optical parts (micro lens, etc.), thermal-electro conversion elements, refrigerators, wire-less electric supply, exterior ornamental parts, interior ornamental parts, packages, automobile related technologies, and stationeries.