Message/Our Policies


Due to the current business strategy, this is an important issue to recover research and development expenses and to attain improvement of benefit by the cycle of the Creation, Protection and Exploitation of Intellectual Property. We aggressively propose business model that uses the intellectual property rights as your best partner.

In small companies, their human resources and budgets are sometimes limited than major companies. In addition, utilizing intellectual property rights effectively may be unfamiliar for them and the small companies tend to construct their corporate strategies without adapting the strength of intellectual property rights.

We, at Asahi & Masuda aim not only focus to the Creation and Protection of Intellectual Property but we also focus to how effective the utilization of the right after grant in the long run. We strive to meet the needs of the times and our clients.

Our patent attorneys specialize in fields such as mechanical engineering, electric and electronic engineering, telecommunication technology, chemistry (organic and inorganic chemistry), material engineering, pharmacology, biotechnology, and metallic material. Our experienced patent engineers are also highly knowledgeable in these fields. We positively promote discoveries of invention to our clients and aim to acquire strong and broad rights.


Our Policies

1. Providing best services possible to our clients

We propose to improve a cost of effectiveness for your business strategy based on comprehensive understanding your corporate strategy.

2. Acquiring strong rights through our claim strategy

In recent years, issues surrounding the field of intellectual property rights have been constantly changing. The globalization of the industry demands a higher quality of intellectual property rights. Our firm strives to help our clients so that their companies can acquire strong rights for satisfying their business strategy by using our vast hands-on experience and law knowledge base.

3. Supporting with highly experienced members

We provide with a high quality services to meet the needs of the times and our clients. Not only Patent Attorneys but technical experts and paralegals also contribute to study of translations and practices and earn a Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management. We are pleased providing our client with our best services by the concerted effort of all the entire staff.

4. Challenging to expand our services to a world wide scale

Our Patent Attorneys participate in various international meetings, such as AIPPI and APAA and endeavor strengthening the relations between foreign lawyers and attorneys.

Due to the current instability of the economy, the government of today is focused more than ever on the protection of its country’s industries, as well as supporting the growth of new industries. Because of this, the business strategy for intellectual property will be even more indispensable in days to come.

We, at Asahi & Masuda have done continuous research through the exchange of information and cooperation with lawyers and attorneys of foreign countries about their laws and these unique steps. We have also put a great amount of effort into training our staffs in the languages, in order to reach our goal of a higher level of translating performance and actual practice.