APAA in Singapore

11月4日から11月7日までシンガポールで開催されたAPAAに参加してきました。今回は、若い弁理士と一緒に2名の参加です。4年ぶりのAPAAで、多くの代理人と会話し、交流を深めました。写真は、ドイツの弁理士をご招待したTWG Teaでのアフタヌーンティーです。フィンガーサンドウィッチ、スコーン、マフィン、ティーを楽しみました。
I attended APAA held in Singapore from November 4 to November 7, 2023 with our capable young attorney. This time was a first time in 4 years for me. We had lots of meetings and great opportunities of spending our time to deepen exchange with local attorneys in each country. The photo shows the afternoon tea at TWG tea with one of our best friends, a European attorney. We enjoyed finger sandwiches, baked muffins, scones and tea.


研修旅行(Educational tour)


We had an educational tour in Seoul Korea from October 12 to October 14, 2023. 3 groups visited Korean patent law firms to reach our gratitude. The photo is Cheongnyangni Market.




I (Yamamoto) went to Suzuka Circuit where the Formula One (F1) Japan Grand Prix was held in 2023 as well. I hope that various businesses, including F1, will be sustainable.




I (Yamamoto) spent my summer vacation near a mountain water source in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, wondering if remote work would be possible from here.





This month, I tried Yoseue (group planting) as a hobby for the first time.
I imaged the gradation of pink and the figure when they would be in full bloom and put four kinds of seedlings together in a pot.
When I was planting, I found the words ‘application for new variety registration is pending’ in the label of Apple blossom of Fiesta.

The flowers of Apple blossom look pretty and dainty just like mini roses, but they are blooming one after another despite the rain and the heat of this month.
I understood that a new variety has another feature and a lot of charm to grow this up.

As described in the past blog, the New Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act was put into effect on April 1, 2022.
I hope to have an opportunity to handle the procedure for registering “New Plant Variety” in our firm in the near future.


お誕生日会(Birthday party)




「Old soldiers never die, but just fade away.」

At the end of May, we held a birthday party for Mr. Asahi.
We had a great time talking with the office members as we gathered since cherry blossom viewing.
We look forward to having this party next year.

In celebration, we sent a bouquet of flowers to Mr. Asahi.
I couldn't forget the beautiful flowers there and went to buy flowers for my home the other day.
I feel that working at home is very nice as I look at the seasonal flowers.

I have also received a message from Mr.Asahi.

「Old soldiers never die, but just fade away.」




The other day, while on a trip, I stopped at a nice bonsai store and bought some bonsai.
Bonsai is the traditional Japanese art form of growing miniature trees inside a bonsai pot so the trees and plants look their most beautiful.
I mainly work from home these days, and looking at the plants during work breaks makes me feel calm. According to certain research results, incorporating plants into the workplace can be expected to have a relaxing effect, an air purification effect, and improve work efficiency.
I am excited to see the maple leaves turning red on my desk this fall.


お花見 (Cherry blossom viewing party)



(写真) お花見のご飯

At the end of March, our office held OHANAMI(Cherry blossom viewing party) after an interval of 4 years since the COVID-19 pandemic.
Unfortunately, it started to rain before we go outside, so we couldn't have a party under the cherry tree.
But all staffs enjoyed OHANAMI while taking a walk in a nearby park.

In our office, we can choose working styles, working from home or office, to suit our lifestyle.
Because of such a situation, all staffs do not have many opportunities to see each other face to face.
So, I would like to cherish these seasonal events in the future!

(Photo) Box lunch for blossom-viewing





In Japan, after March 13, 2023, it has become possible to put on and take off a mask at the discretion of the individual. There are still few people walking around town without a mask, but I think we will be able to live without a mask as summer approaches.

We had a plan to see the cherry blossoms with our firm members, but unfortunately the day we planned to see the cherry blossoms turned out to be bad weather, so we couldn’t do so this year. However, soon, I believe that there will be more opportunities to have dinner parties with our firm members and with foreign associates, just like before the pandemic. Recently, the cherry blossoms at night are beautiful, and I feel that society has become brighter.


春の訪れ (Spring is coming)




(写真) ドライフラワー

According to the calendar, spring season has started.

This year, it is said that the amount of pollen is higher than the past 10 years. Thus, I decided to start the protection against the pollen earlier.
Working remotely system is such a helpful system for those who suffers from the pollen allergic.
I would like to thank our boss for letting us continue to work remotely.

As it is still chilly, I hope for the readers to wait for spring in good health.

(Photo) Dried Flowers