富山訪問(Our Visit to Otsubo Law Office in Toyama)


The other day, we visited Otsubo Law Office to have a face-to-face meeting in Toyama, which has a relationship with our firm. We believe that we had the successful meeting including our future relationship. The area in front of Toyama station had completely changed since we visited in 2018. We hope to make a regular visit to Toyama from now on.


初めまして(Nice to meet you)




Hello, my name is Tsukahara, a paralegal staff.
I joined A&M in May of this year, and four months have passed in the blink of an eye.
I have been working in a great atmosphere with everyone in the department, starting with our first meeting remotely on the first day, followed by a welcome party and opportunities to receive training from each of them.
Although many of us now work from home and have few opportunities to see each other, I see a sense of trust in each of them at meetings, and I feel a sense of unity in the department.
There are still many things I don't know and can't do, but I will do my best to contribute to everyone as soon as possible.

Since I had no experience, I learned a lot when I started taking the training, and it has gradually changed the way I spend my days.
When I hear "Patented!" in a TV commercial, I react. And I stare at a store's logo when I walk down the street.
I feel that something around me was invented by someone else, or that someone has made an effort to protect it.

I ate Lotte’s [Yukimi-Daifuku] during the break time.
I learned for the first time at the training that they have patented a product and manufacturing method and its improvement for "soft rice cakes even when frozen".




A scorching heat has been hitting Japan. Temperatures in some parts of Japan have reached 40 degrees this summer. I went to Lake Chuzenji this summer to get away from the heat. Lake Chuzenji is a scenic lake in Nikko National Park in the city of Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Located at an altitude of 1,269 meters, it is the highest natural lake in Japan. And during Japan's hot summers, the lake's high elevation (1269 meters above sea level) keeps the area cool and comfortable. Because of the comfortable climate, in the middle of the Meiji period and early Showa period, many European embassies built vacation houses around the lake to escape from the heat of summer.
Also, Lake Chuzenji is known as a mecca for trout fishing. Unfortunately, I didn’t go fishing this time, but I had trout sashimi for lunch which was very delicious. It was the first time I had freshwater fish sashimi. The trout that I ate was “Itadakimasu” which is a kind of rainbow trout developed by Nikko fisheries and registered as a trademark in February 2018 (Registration No. 5886724). The trout has a pink color, which is similar to salmon, as well as the taste. But it is less greasy and has a lighter taste than salmon. It was easy to eat because it didn’t smell fishy at all. When you have a chance visit Nikko, please try sashimi of “Itadakimasu”.
We still have some more hot summer days, so please take care of yourselves!


夏の訪れ(Coming of Summer)


In Tokyo, the COVID-19 situation was gradually getting better in June.
The regulations have been loosened and it seems that our daily life has returned back to normal little by little.
However, Omicron variant has been spread again in July, and the number of infected people is now over 30,000.

This month, we are scheduling Noryo-Kai (kind of summer evening party) for enjoying wine from our clients, but it was postponed.
However, in such a situation, it is best for us to spend safe at home this summer.
We hope that the COVID-19 will settle down and we can interact with each other soon.


今年の夏(This summer)


This month was the time when the state of emergency was lifted, so we were able to hold a welcome party for our colleague who joined in our office last month. We hope that such opportunities will increase in the future.

By the way, the end of the rainy season in Tokyo was declared in June this year, and though it was still June, the daytime temperatures in Tokyo exceed 35 °C every day. If it gets so hot in June, will the temperatures in July and August be even higher?

We sincerely wish you, your colleagues, your families all safe and well-being on this situation.


近況 (Updates of our office)


Golden week holiday had passed rapidly and our busy days came back. As COVID-19 cases are falling in Japan, some tour to overseas have started. This is good news for me as I may travel overseas soon.

We have new paralegal staff from this month and we are now giving training and lectures. It is a good opportunity for us to review our works and knowledges. We would like to make our working environment comfortable for our staffs to work at A&M as long as possible.


祝日のお知らせ (Holiday Notice)






Please be informed that our office as well as the Japan Patent Office will be closed for National Holidays as below.

Friday, April 29, 2022
Tuesday, May 3, 2022 to Thursday, May 5, 2022

All messages via email and facsimile during this period will be received as normal and replied to after the holidays.
If you have any urgent matters, please contact us through our general email address.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Best regards,



とあるスーパーマーケットにて (In one supermarket)

先日、あるスーパーマーケットにて、添付画像のシャンプー「WHO CARES?」を発見したので、購入しました。
実は、このシャンプー「WHO CARES?」は、日米における商標権の取得を、当所がお手伝いさせていただいたものです。

Hello! I’m Yasuhisa Takahashi, Patent attorney with Asahi&Masuda Patent attorneys.
The other day, I found one shampoo produced named “WHO CARES?” shown in the attached image in one supermarket and bought it.
Actually, we helped for obtaining trademark rights in Japan and United States for this shampoo “WHO CARES?”.
I was really impressed by the fact that the product for which we helped was displayed on the shelf in the supermarket.
I find my job rewarding from such a matter and decide to sincerely provide you with my work for protecting your IP rights.


種苗法改正(Revision of Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act)


New Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act was put into effect on April 1, 2022.
This new law allows a Japanese patent attorney to provide new consulting services related to “Protection of New Varieties of Plants” and assist the filing services to foreign authorities.
Our firm has already had a lot of connections with law firms in 30 countries or more including US, Europe and Asian countries in the fields of the patent and trademark. Thus, we can bridge clients with our associates in foreign countries straightforwardly.
In addition, we have capable a certified administrative procedures legal specialist, so that we can also become a representative to register “New Varieties of Plants” in Japan.
We look forward to receiving any questions concerning “Protection of New Varieties of Plants” from you.


春の到来 (The Arrival of Spring)


In Shizuoka Prefecture, you can see the early blooming cherry blossoms!
I worked remotely from Shizuoka last week. I did office work there as usual, but the warmth of spring made me feel more positive.
And I started replacing carpet tiles in our office soon after I came back to Tokyo. The color is gray as before, but the corner where I finished replacing tiles looks brighter.
It seems that we should refrain from having a cherry blossom viewing party again this year. Instead, I am planning to make the office comfortable with my co-workers, and welcome this pleasant season.