INTA in Singapore


I am Takeshi EBE, a Japanese patent Attorney. I attended the INTA Annual Meeting in Singapore from May 16th to 20th. This International Conference was a first time in 4 years for me! I met with lots of attorneys from various countries and shared any updates and business with each other. Although our meetings and reception were held with no mask, I stay healthy and am working. I will be back to Singapore to attend APAA in November this year!!




The other day, while on a trip, I stopped at a nice bonsai store and bought some bonsai.
Bonsai is the traditional Japanese art form of growing miniature trees inside a bonsai pot so the trees and plants look their most beautiful.
I mainly work from home these days, and looking at the plants during work breaks makes me feel calm. According to certain research results, incorporating plants into the workplace can be expected to have a relaxing effect, an air purification effect, and improve work efficiency.
I am excited to see the maple leaves turning red on my desk this fall.


お花見 (Cherry blossom viewing party)



(写真) お花見のご飯

At the end of March, our office held OHANAMI(Cherry blossom viewing party) after an interval of 4 years since the COVID-19 pandemic.
Unfortunately, it started to rain before we go outside, so we couldn't have a party under the cherry tree.
But all staffs enjoyed OHANAMI while taking a walk in a nearby park.

In our office, we can choose working styles, working from home or office, to suit our lifestyle.
Because of such a situation, all staffs do not have many opportunities to see each other face to face.
So, I would like to cherish these seasonal events in the future!

(Photo) Box lunch for blossom-viewing





In Japan, after March 13, 2023, it has become possible to put on and take off a mask at the discretion of the individual. There are still few people walking around town without a mask, but I think we will be able to live without a mask as summer approaches.

We had a plan to see the cherry blossoms with our firm members, but unfortunately the day we planned to see the cherry blossoms turned out to be bad weather, so we couldn’t do so this year. However, soon, I believe that there will be more opportunities to have dinner parties with our firm members and with foreign associates, just like before the pandemic. Recently, the cherry blossoms at night are beautiful, and I feel that society has become brighter.


春の訪れ (Spring is coming)




(写真) ドライフラワー

According to the calendar, spring season has started.

This year, it is said that the amount of pollen is higher than the past 10 years. Thus, I decided to start the protection against the pollen earlier.
Working remotely system is such a helpful system for those who suffers from the pollen allergic.
I would like to thank our boss for letting us continue to work remotely.

As it is still chilly, I hope for the readers to wait for spring in good health.

(Photo) Dried Flowers


A Happy New Year!


A happy new year!
I’m Yasuhisa Takahashi, patent attorney with Asahi & Masuda patent attorneys.
I appreciate all the help that you gave us last year.
I went to Naritasan Shinsyo-ji temple as “Hatsumode” to hope the best of luck of our firm and our clients.
In this regard, “Hatsumode” is the first Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine visit of the Japanese New Year. For almost of Japanese, “Hatsumode” is very common custom.
I found “Omikuji” for different languages which seems to be prepared for addressing internationalization in recent years and thus tried my luck at “Omikuji”. The attached photograph is my result of “Omikuji”.
“Omikuji” advises me that If I will do my business without getting flustered and with relaxing, I will get better results in future.
We are going to work hard this year, too. Please treat us this year as well as you did last year.


新年のご挨拶(New Year’s Greetings)


弁理士 江部 武史

Happy New Year 2023!!
Thank you for your support in last year.
Covid-19 forced us to bear not to move and to work remotely for the past three years.
However, the atmosphere in Japan has gradually changed to one to recover the economy, and thus we would like to be active at home and abroad in 2023.
We continue to make great efforts and provide you with our best services in this year.
We are looking forward to working with you.

Managing Partner Takeshi EBE


忘年会(Year-end party)


The 2022 comes to a close and today is our last business day of this year.
Last week, our foreign department held a year-end lunch party. It was the first time since the welcome party in May that we could all get together not online.
We went to the same restaurant as the welcome party. This restaurant offers a panoramic view of the skyscrapers. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and raining a bit when we sat at the table. The view was not what expected, but we enjoyed delicious menus in a different atmosphere created by warm lights. We talked endlessly because we worked mainly from home and didn’t have much chat at the meetings on the web. Personally, it was a good opportunity to tell everyone about my plans to move to the countryside next February.
When the lunch was almost over, the sun was breaking through the clouds. There must have been a great view at the restaurant after we left. Despite the unhappy weather, it became the best company event of the year.


皆既月食&天王星食(Total Lunar Eclipse & Eclipse on Uranus)


We had a big event that both the total lunar eclipse and the eclipse on Uranus occurred simultaneously in Tokyo Japan on November 8, 2022. It is very rare for them to occur and the first time in 442 years!! I really enjoyed such a big event. You can find Uranus shining on the left-lower side of the moon in the photo. It seems that a next event, partial eclipse on the sun will occur in parts of Japan and Oceania on April 20, 2023. Hope you will have fun!!




I (Toshio Yamamoto) went to Suzuka Circuit where the F1 (Formula One) Japan Grand Prix was held. I hope the F1 and your business are sustainable.